The Benvenuto Players

The Benvenuto Players typically put on 3 productions a year:

  • A Spring Production usually involving adults and older juniors
  • A Junior Production which involves only junior members
  • A Christmas Show, normally a panto


In the past we have put on classical plays such as Henry Miller’s View From The Bridge, Harvey (Mary Chase), comedies such as The Lady Killers (William Rose) and a modern language version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. These productions are usually performed by adults with maybe one or two of the older juniors who already have some stage experience.


These plays are performed by younger actors but are directed by an adult.  Apart from opening the door for juniors with some stage experience to eventually join adults on stage, when rehearsing a junior production the actors learn the importance of:

1.     understanding the processes that are needed to put on a show

2.     being 100% committed to the show once they accept a role

3.     quickly learning lines, cues and entrances

4.     maintaining correct behaviour both on and off stage,

5.     concentrating on the action

6.     interpreting their role imaginatively

7.     delivering their lines loudly, clearly and with the appropriate emotion

8.     acting on the “notes” given during rehearsal to suggest ways of improving their own performance

In short, learning how to work together as an acting company to put on the best possible show!


It has become something of a tradition to put on a panto each year in November or December. What a great way to get that Festive Feeling!

We always say that pantos are for children aged 4 years to 104 years!

Everybody loves the panto with the extravagant costumes, outrageous characters, awful jokes, songs, dances and fighting. In short – there’s something for everyone!

Rehearsal time is very short for such a complicated show and we insist on 110% commitment to the show. But the rewards are huge as the actors have even more fun that the audience do!