The Benvenuto Players


For every person, there must be at least thirty different answers! Some of the following were given after the Junior Production of The Three Musketeers:

  • The butterflies in your stomach wreak havoc in your mind but disappear the moment that you start to speak.
  • The expectation in the air.
  • The knowledge that you have tried with all your might to produce something that the audience will enjoy.
  • Working together as an acting company to create a show.
  • The sense of belonging, really belonging to a great group of people.
  • Knowing that I am truly my character: my voice, my body, my make-up and my costume have all come together to create a new persona.
  • I never thought that I could achieve all the things I did.  It makes me realise that I can do anything as long as I am determined to do it.
  • The Benvenuto Players are such a welcoming group.
  • It is such a pleasure to be in this group of young, lively and dedicated people.  I can’t wait to work with you all again in the next show
  • Everyone was so helpful and friendly even if I don’t speak so good English
  • I was so impressed with how the whole group worked together to make this play a good one.
  • I was able to overcome my negative emotions and stress because I felt that I was welcome in one great big family.
  • I had great fun.


Our President can add many more reasons.

As a teacher:

  • Because it’s a fun way to improve your self-confidence. OK, you may be rubbish at physics, but you are brilliant at acting!
  • It really helps to improve your English – a full immersion course for several hours a week. And it’s all free!
  • It works wonders to improve your social skills as you have to become sensitive to how everyone around you is feeling.  Most important for you young people who have missed 2 years of social interactions during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • You forge strong and lasting friendships with people who you maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise, people you can rely on to help you when you need it.


And as a parent:

  • It takes them away from a screen
  • It gives them a new and stimulating challenge
  • It teaches them to be responsible for themselves and for others.

And as an actor: