The Benvenuto Players



 ALISON (but which one?) – PRESIDENT

A chance remark way back in 1987, when I was newly arrived in Italy and still trying to cope with life in Italy plus a new baby, prodded me into joining 6 other ladies in the embryonic Benvenuto Players. And what a lot of fun it’s been! Fun, friendship and a friendly face always readily available. I’ve been in involved in over a hundred shows and directed many of them. Now I’m taking a less active role as I concentrate on travelling to weird and wonderful corners of our planet. My most memorable moment with the BVP? – having half-digested pasta vomited into my ear while rehearsing Cinderella with my baby on one hip..


I got involved with The Benvenuto Players in 2014 when our daughter was a junior member. I have always enjoyed problem solving and unintentionally started helping out wherever I was needed, whether it be sound, lighting, stage, co-writing scripts, IT issues, improving ticket sales, I’m the go-to person.


My daughter was a BVP member for several years before I was highjacked onto working on the back stage. Then a shortage of actors with Fred Astaire feet for a dance routine led to me being thrust on stage (well, have you seen my feet?). Since then, it’s been up and up for me until I reached the pinnacle – the only paid BVP job (don’t tell my colleagues), Treasurer. How much fun I have with other people’s money.

But, more seriously, BVP is not just about acting, but about the team delivering a show which is fun in its preparation and performing and, most importantly, entertains a responsive audience. We love a full house (especially the Treasurer).


I have been an American expat in Italy since 1985 and emersed myself in the Italian culture and language for years until I finally decided I was ready to return to an Anglo-Saxon environment. The BVP is a wonderful group of not only English people, but members who come from all over Europe and North America adding to its vitality. Everyone works together to produce exceptional performances with beautiful sets and costumes, engaging songs and dances, and of course wonderful acting. I have had a great time participating in both the pantos and the more serious spring shows with roles ranging from a sea captain to a purple genie to a good queen and to an evil queen – having fun each and every time.


In BVP since 2016. What a better chance than getting my two passions together at the same time?…theatre and English language….this was my first thought when I ran into this funny, dynamic and multicultural group. ….the point is that at that time I didn’t really know what a panto was (….oh no, I didn’t!!!!), nevertheless I decided to jump on this train, no matter what…and after a first disoriented moment, I discovered a world full of creativity and colours, of discipline and tough work, of fun and hard moments….most of all a set of emotions to share with new friends from all over the world!!.


I landed here in Varese in January 2019. After a while I started searching for theatre groups, and found this one. Wonderful option, I thought, since my Italian was not so good, my English much better, although it should improve. It seems I’m not the only one that did not know what a “panto” is. Sad, I know. I joined the group in 2022, and started with The Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare. Wonderful production (and I discovered the “Twelve days of Christmas” song (my God, where have I been all these years?).
And since then I couldn’t miss any production. The group is very friendly, nice and, most important, funny. When you mix that with very good creative skills and serious work you get an amateur group whose performances reach a very high level, almost professional.


It is the usual story (or wait, in fact I even have an IMDB page!). We arrived in Italy from Hungary in the fall of 2013, just to catch our very first sweeping panto experience Cinderella. Then our daughter Helga got on stage as a junior and I started to record the BVP shows on video. The trap finally closed when the previous light (and air) crew had a change in their flight schedules and consequently difficulties to commit to show dates. So, since 2021 you can see me in the technical booth, playing with switches and replacing light bulbs last minute before shows. So let there be light – and let there be blackout!


I have a passion for all things creative. Being a part of the BVP family, gives me the freedom to express this creativity by conceiving, developing and implementing an overall artistic vision and focus for each production.

I have a passion for this work, to inspire people to agree to my vision for the show and seeing it come together to stage it. I take pride in every moment where something comes together and am driven by positive outcomes.