The Benvenuto Players

Our ever-popular Junior Workshops are always well attended. Aimed at minors who are 10 – 16 years old, they cover a variety of topics aimed at improving acting skills.

Below is the typical programme in a series of workshops where we devise our own scenes to act.

14:00Welcome and acting game helping us to learn each other’s names.
14:30Acting game to help us learn to concentrate, remember names, and move around while catching a ball, changing places and being aware of what other people are doing.
15:00With a partner, acting out a given Duologue.  This involves deciding where and when the piece is set and what the two characters are like.  After we’ve practised the piece, we perform it for each other.  Our “audience” then offers constructive suggestions as to how it can be improved.
16:00Acting game to help us feel and act out different emotions while listening to and following simple instructions.
16:30Break for drinks and snacks.
16:45Devising our own piece based on looking at two sides of an argument: half the group looks at one opinion, the other half looks at the opposite opinion.
17:30Acting out our devised piece in front of each other (if the last workshop, in front of family and friends).
18:00Time to get parents to head out to the ice-cream shop for a well-deserved treat!

A great way to make new friends and learn new skills!  Places are limited so when you see the email with the information about the next workshop, be sure to book it quickly!

Finally, we should mention that for the last ten years, BVP led workshops have been complemented by an annual junior workshop directed by the professional actor Philip Kingscott. His speciality is to inspire the juniors to devise and develop a show over a weekend, ending with a performance in front of their family and friends. It’s a challenge, but it’s huge fun to do!